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Rainbow Fale

How we support the Pasifika Rainbow community

Pacific Rainbow Youth often face challenges relating to family and peers, acceptance, as well as a lack of cultural understanding from non-Pacific. They experience harassment, discrimination and bullying, and often struggle with finding their own identity and the ability to be confident in their own skin.

Our Rainbow Fale facilitate one-on-one support for rainbow youth through diversity groups, mentoring through our Fusion Mentor Programme and LGBTQI events.

Schools we support 

Rainbow Fale Youth Advisory Group

The Rainbow Fale Youth Advisory Group is made up of young people from South Auckland who either identify as Rainbow or allies.  They serve to provide guidance to Village Collective as well as develop their leadership in their various communities and/or schools.


The members of the group are:


Khalani  (Co-Chair)

Kia ora my name is Khalani and I am of Maori and Chinese heritage. I am 16 years old and a year 11 student of Otahuhu College. My hobbies include socializing, online gaming and helping others. I am an ambitious young trans woman who is proud to be in their own skin and be an integral part of the community. I am also proud to be a part of the Village Collective. I am excited to grow as a person with these new opportunities made available by the team and so honored to work in this space


Danielle (Co-Chair)


I am a proud Māori transgender woman born and raised in South Auckland. I come from the iwi of Ngati Porou and Tainui. I am an aspiring dancer who loves sports and physical education. I have experienced and seen the negative things that affect rainbow young people and would really like to make a change. That is why I joined the “Rainbow Fale Youth Advisory Group” using this platform I would like to support and empower Māori and Pasifika rainbow young people.



Fakalofa Lahi atu, malo e lelei and greetings - my name is Orla and I am of Niuean and Tongan descent. I am 16 years of age and the eldest girl out of 4. I study NCEA level 2 at Otahuhu College and enjoy playing softball and hanging out with friends and family. I’m passionate about having a voice for us youth and changing the stigmas in south auckland and I also love supporting our Rainbow Community and helping them grow into the beautiful people they are today. I look forward to meeting new youth so be sure to look into what Village Collective has to offer! Fakaaue lahi




Joshua has Samoan and Niuean roots and is a proud South Aucklander. He is an aspiring healer through the arts and is currently doing his Master of Philosophy in Communication Studies and is the founder of Odd Family. Odd Family is a 'heartists' collective dedicated to sharing Pasifika stories about mental wellness, family trauma, LGTBTQI+ experiences and belonging.


I am a Polynesian teen who lives to kick, flip and look trick. I come from a family of 8, with three brothers, two sisters and a loving and caring mother and father, who accept me for who I am. Who am I you may ask? Well, I am a proud fem queen part of the rainbow community who attends Otahuhu College as a year 11. No matter what though, I never forget that who I really am is the fierce, gaggy and proud Inoke.




Mark is a proud Samoan who is in his final year at Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate. he has recently joined the YAG, however has plans to continue his education journey.



 I'm a proud young female maori. I am looking to become a photographer one day and my hobbies are spending time with family and sometimes drawing or creating strange art. I am a confused bi-sexual girl who is tryin to find somewhere to feel like me. I am also very happy to be part of the YAG group and VC community.

E sau le fuata ma lona lou.
In every generation there are some outstanding chiefs

Advisory Group Meetings and Objectives

The group meets fortnightly and to date have played a significant role in engaging other young rainbow people.  They do this through events, social media and engaging other groups. Examples of events they have supported to date are:

  • Paintball excursion during Term 3 holidays with other rainbow young people

  • Vogue Dance workshops offered across two Saturdays during Term 3

  • Engaging other youth advocacy groups to connect and inspire

  • Work Ready workshop - developing the skills to secure employment

  • Ministry of Education Rainbow Fono - attended and engaged other young people to attend

  • Ministry of Social development Rainbow Fono - attended and engaged other young people to attend 

  • Public speaking workshops - supporting their ability to speak in public

  • Presentations workshops - developing their ability to plan and execute presentations

Diversity Groups

Rainbow Fale have set up and continue to support diversity groups within high schools across South Auckland.


Our purpose for these groups is to have a safe space aimed for Pacific rainbow students (but not limited to) who are stigmatized, discriminated against or treated unfairly.

Diversity group sessions are run on a weekly to fortnightly basis and consists of group check in sessions, workshops, topic discussions, and 4 FUN events through-out the year to bring these groups together. These sessions are generally peer led and guided by Village Collective staff.

Within these sessions our aim is:

  • Every child learns to respect and accept all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, values, beliefs, culture & ethnicity.

  • Empower students to respect and accept themselves regardless of their own sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, values, beliefs, culture & ethnicity.

  • To strengthen resiliency and coping methods to enable student to overcome the emotional and psychological impacts caused by stigma and discrimination.


Our Goal


  • Every student works to end oppression by supporting and advocating for people who are stigmatized, discriminated against or treated unfairly in the community

  • To equip and enable students to use the relevant tools when they are being stigmatized, discriminated against, or being treated unfairly.


If you are a school or organisation wanting to set up a Diversity group within your school, we would love to help!

Contact aeron@villagecollective.nz for more information