Rainbow is a term used to represent the LGBTQI community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer and Intersex).

As Pasifika, we acknowledge that this term excludes our Pacific community of Fa’afafine (Samoan), Fakaleiti (Tongan), Whakawahine/takatapui/tangata ira tane (Maori), ‘Akava’ine (Cook Island) Drodrolagi (Fijian) Mahu (Hawaiian).

Pacific Rainbow young people often face challenges relating to family and peers, acceptance, as well as a lack of cultural understanding from non-Pacific. They experience harassment, discrimination and bullying, and often struggle with finding their own identity and the ability to be confident in their own skin.

Our Rainbow Fale represents all the work we do that contributes to building a supportive environment for the Pasifika Rainbow community. We provide a safe place to develop resilience, which leads to a greater confidence in school, family and community settings for our Rainbow youth.

The three key programmes include:

  • Mafutaga Mentoring

  • Youth Advisory Group
    Diversity Groups at High School

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