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Our Work

The Village Collective is made up of 3 'fale' (houses or collectives).
Each fale represents an area of expertise and requires a different set of resources.

Rainbow Fale

Rainbow is a term used to represent the LGBTQI community (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer and Intersex).


We also acknowledge that this term excludes our Pacific community of Fa’afafine (Samoan), Fakaleiti (Tongan), Whakawahine/takatapui/tangata ira tane (Maori), ‘Akava’ine (Cook Island) Drodrolagi (Fijian) Mahu (Hawaiian).

Pacific Rainbow Youth often face challenges relating to family and peers, acceptance, as well as a lack of cultural understanding from non-Pacific. They experience harassment, discrimination and bullying, and often struggle with finding their own identity and the ability to be confident in their own skin.

Our Rainbow Fale represents all the work we do that contributes to building a supportive environment for the Pasifika Rainbow community. We provide a safe place for the development of resilience strategies, which leads to a greater confidence in school, family and community settings for our Rainbow youth.

We provide support for rainbow youth through our Fusion Mentor Programme, Diversity Groups and LGBTQI events.


Talavou Fale

Our Talavou Fale is proud to support the younger members of our community to ensure that they are educated on sexual health and well being, in order to prepare them for their teenage and adult years.

We offer the 'Watch me Kapow' programme to Primary, Intermediate and Secondary school students.

While students may not yet be at the age of consent, KAPOW teaches personal and interpersonal skills as well as providing knowledge on sexual development to prepare them for upcoming changes in their bodies and lives.

Our programme supports the Ministry of Education School Sexuality curriculum.

Some of the schools we partner with to deliver KAPOW include:

Community Fale

Our Community Fale is all about creating an environment for Pacific people to have the confidence to speak freely and feel supported. We collaborate with community and external agencies to deliver our customised programmes.

We support our community through:

  • Ongoing mentoring for professionals supporting Pacific youth

  • Encouraging new sexual health and wellbeing initiatives

  • Participating in community events

  • Ongoing work with community groups and businesses to develop and strengthen attitudes and ideals around sexual health

Organisations we have worked with include

  • Health Promotion Agency – Y Tribe (alcohol campaign)

  • National Heart Foundation – #KickButt SPARK production (tobacco control campaign)

  • A.C.C (Accident Compensation Corporation) – Mates and Dates programme in high schools

  • Le Vā – White Ribbon Awareness Campaign (production piece)

  • Le Vā – GPS Conference – engaging youth (youth committee and conference presenters)

  • L’Oréal annual event – Face Your Future (programme for foster children)

  • Mangere East Family Services – Transitioning together programme

  • Raise Up youth programme – Mangere (collective of high school students from schools in Mangere)

  • Cut Above – Private training Establishment (16/18+)

  • Target Education – Alternative Education (16/18+)