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Mafutaga Mentor Programme

Pasifika Rainbow communities are a minority group that sometimes struggle to thrive due to the environments they are surrounded by. The Mafutaga Mentoring programme has been developed to bring together our school-aged Pasifika Rainbow young people to connect with older members in the Rainbow community. Through these connections, we hope that young people grow and build their confidence in a supportive and safe environment.


Mafutaga gatherings will bring together positive role models/mentors and rainbow guest speakers that will share (Mafutaga/fellowship) their own journeys to the young people so they can see possible what is possible. The wisdom drawn from the talanoa during these times will provide an opportunity for young people to be inspired and to learn.
When young people see others of the same cultural group achieve, this has a profound positive impact on both their cultural identity and aspiration levels. Our mentors set the example of what can be accomplished.

Through Mafutaga we have offered a mixed-delivery mentoring with the option for one on one mentoring at the request of the mentee, in order to balance the power of one-to one relationships with the fun and familiarity of being part of a group.

Read this testimonial from Otahuhu College about what an impact this programme plays in the lives on young people.